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    Bass fishing is a passion right? We are a community of really passionate bass anglers who make our home next to the bass water. Although the website and bass fishing forums are focussed on South African Bass waters, we have members from around the country and around the globe.

    Growing our skill base

    There is something unique about the way we do things. Caring and sharing is an age old adage which we have simply tried to take to the next level. Our joint venture bass fishing is totally without precedent. Competitive bass anglers are standing hand in hand, sharing more than a titbit of news.

    Our skilled bass anglers are also writing articles which are in depth and carry hard earned, insider type bits of information, tips and tricks. Our members can arrive at a dam, even if they have never been there before, and enjoy a pretty good chance of catching a bass for themselves.

    Growing our circle of friends

    Bassing.co.za is for anyone who has the desire to fish for bass. The only real requirement is honesty and a desire to share. This way, you get to deal with a load of new faces who have a lot in common with you. Within a short period of time, you have way more friends, you have a lot of support and backup, and you are a member of a good natured community. We will not accept anything but outright honesty and we won't accept selfish anglers who have no interest in giving at all. Like we said, if you feel like you have no reason to lie, and if you are willing to share, join up and you will instantly be amongst friends.

    Succeed beyond your wildest dreams

    Got a vision? Want to be a bass tournament champion? Bassing.co.za is also the realm of the novice who wants to grow and is willing to do what is needed to get there. You will find people here who have represented their country, won tournaments, and most of all, people who will share their bass tips and secrets. All they expect in return, the courtesy of acknowledgement when you succeed (say thank you) and the reciprocal feedback of information when you find that treasured bass fishing hotspot too.

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